– Les Museums*, by Manning Jordan, Dixon Place/The Brick
– DON’T TELL ME SHE DROWNS*, by Cristina Luzárraga, Youngblood/EST
– baby play*, by Nadja Leonhard-Hooper, Rule of 7x7 @ The Tank
– i want a stranger to take care of me*, by Nadja Leonhard-Hooper, Youngblood/EST
– Chappy Grindr Scruff Tinder*, by Dan Giles, Youngblood/EST
– Funny Haha (Or, The Most Lamentable Comedie of Jane the Foole)*, Jess Moss, The Flea
– Leonce and Lena, by Georg Büchner, adapted by Leonie Bell, Two Headed Rep
– Let's get ready together*, by Lizzie Stern, The Tank
– X*, by Ryann Weir, Youngblood/EST
– Twenty Five to White* by Xavier Galva, Clubbed Thumb Winterworks
– Reno & Moll* by Emma Horwitz, Two Headed Rep
this movie* by Amanda Keating, Samuel French OOB Short Play Festival WINNER
– Lysistrata*+, by Aristophanes, with songs by Cody Owen Stine, Two Headed Rep
 11:45.* by Amanda Keating, Ensemble Studio Theatre/Youngblood
– Don't make yourself crazy* by Lizzie Stern, Two Headed Rep
ANIMALS*, by Lizzie Stern, Rule of 7x7 @ The Tank
– WARM GENTLE FUZZY COLD PRICKLY* by Emma Horwitz, Williamstown Theatre Festival
– Peter Pan Play*+, devised from text by J.M. Barrie, Williamstown Theatre Festival
– The Intervention by Anne Washburn, Williamstown Theatre Festival
– Electra*+ by Sophocles, with songs by Frankie Simms, Two Headed Rep
– Alone in the Woods With Just Our Sister* by Robert Norman, TinyRhino @ Littlefield
– The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov, Williams College
– The Fantasticks by Harvey Schmidt + Tom Jones, Williams College
– Of One Allegiance Only* by Frank Pagliaro, Williams College
– The Winter's Tale by William Shakespeare, Williams College
– Tigers Be Still by Kim Rosenstock, Williams College
– Woyzeck by Georg Büchner, Williams College


– The Slow Dance*, by Lisi DeHaas, The Tank (upcoming)
– Coronation*, by Laura Winters, Play Date @ Pete’s Candy Store (upcoming)
– Underground: An Urban Tale*, by Thomas Hodges and John Viscardi, NYMF
– Moderation*, by Lily Akerman, Clubbed Thumb
– Reunion*, by Cary Gitter, West of 10th
– The Scars of Your Body*, by Valerie Work with songs by Andrew Fox, The Tank
 Teach/Teach*, by Amanda Keating, Youngblood/EST
– #squadgoals* by Natalie Zutter, Must-See TV @ The Tank
Let's get ready together* by Lizzie Stern, Lady Fest @ The Tank
– The Flight Patterns of Migratory Birds*, by Andy Boyd, Pete's Candy Store
– Penthesilea* by Cody Owen Stine, Williamstown Theatre Festival
– Let's get ready together* by Lizzie Stern, The Music Hall @ Dramatists Guild Fund
– Coffee for Women* by Sylvia Khoury, Project Playwright/Sanguine Theatre Company
– Copenhagen by Michael Frayn, Williamstown Theatre Festival + Williams College
– Get Life* by Lizzie Stern, Williams College
– The Master and the Fish* by Anna Fox, National Theatre Institute 
– Drilled* by Daniel James Clarke, National Theatre Institute


Assassins by Stephen Sondheim + John Weidman, dir. Anne Kauffman, Encores! Off-Center
And No More Shall We Part by Tom Holloway, dir. Anne Kauffman, WTF
Utopia, Minnesota* by Meg Miroshnik, dir. Pirronne Yousefzadeh, WTF
– OKAY by Taylor Mac, dir. Danny Sharron, Ugly Rhino (associate)
Galois* by Aaron Jones + Sung Rno, dir. Victor Maog, 2g
– My Last Car* by Susan Bernfield, dir. Mia Rovegno
– Helping Peopleby Diana Stahl, dir. Pirronne Yousefzadeh
– The Tenant* by Brunstetter, Burgess, Cohen, Dawson, Levenson and Smith, dir. Teddy Bergman and Stephen Brackett, Woodshed Collective
– The Duchess of Malfi by John Webster, dir. David Levine, Williams College

* new work
+ adapted/directed


– Manhattan Theatre Club Directing Fellow
– Lincoln Center Theater Director’s Lab
– Clubbed Thumb Directing Fellow
– Wingspace Professional Mentorship Program
– Williamstown Theatre Festival Directing Corps


– Co-Founder and Co-Artistic Director, Two Headed Rep
– Williamstown Theatre Festival, Script Reader for Weissberger New Play Award
– Williamstown Theatre Festival, Professional Training Program Associate


– Williams College, BA in Theatre and Computer Science
– National Theatre Institute @ The O'Neill, Advanced Directing Semester
– NHSI Theatre Arts Program