Reno & Moll
by Emma Horwitz
Two Headed Rep @ The WorkShop Theater
November 2017

Harper has played the most beloved dog on children's TV for ten years. She knows her lines and she knows her choreography, she just doesn't know why she's still doing this job. Is it for the fans who adore her? Do they adore her or just her canine alter ego? And what's the difference anyway? When Harper's longtime co-star leaves the show, she wonders whether it might be time to make a change as well. But how do you change when you've played the same character for so long that you can't remember what it's like to be yourself?

Scenic Design by Cate McCrea
Lighting Design by Cheyenne Sykes
Costume Design by Nicole Slaven
Sound Design by John Salutz
Photos by Ashley Garrett

Featuring Alton Alburo*, Zoë Geltman, and Eva Victor