Aristophanes' LYSISTRATA
adapted by Lily Riopelle
with songs by Cody Owen Stine
Two Headed Rep @ Temporary Storage Gallery
May 2017

"...Lily Riopelle’s adaptation of Aristophanes’ Lysistrata is bubbly and buoyant...she beautifully harnesses the talents of all of the players in a production with many moving parts."
– Lisa Huberman, New York Theatre Review

Fed up with a war that's tearing her world apart, Lysistrata leads the women of Greece in a rebellion against the status quo. Or at least, she will lead the women of Greece in a rebellion against the status quo just as soon as they show up to the meeting she worked super hard to organize (seriously, she's not messing around, she even brought snacks). Now if they'd just stop their chit-chatting so she can reveal her grand plan...

Scenic Design by Cate McCrea
Lighting Design by Cheyenne Sykes
Costume Design by Nicole Slaven
Sound Design by Carsen Joenk
Photos by Ashley Garrett

Featuring Lydian Blossom, Christina D. Eskridge, Kristian Espiritu*, Lizzie Fox, Rachel B. Joyce, Lizzie King-Hall*, and Tina Scariano*

Band: Jane Cardona (keyboard/accordion), David Ashton (saxophone), Jess Kleinbart (guitar)