Let's get ready together
by Lizzie Stern
The Tank
May/June 2018

Fantasy. Anxiety. Pabst Blue Ribbon. It’s freshman year of college. Three 18-year-old girls head off to New England, cry saying goodbye to their moms, and fall madly and platonically in love with each other. Until a hate crime happens on campus—suddenly shedding light on their vast differences and how unprepared they are to handle them. Big-hearted and searingly funny, Let’s get ready together exposes the raw vulnerability of female friendships forged on the brink of adulthood.

Scenic Design by Cate McCrea
Lighting Design by Cha See
Costume Design by Nicole Slaven
Sound Design by Valentine Monfeuga
Photos by Ashley Garrett

Featuring Ruth Aguilar*, Shauna Bloom*, Marieta Carrero, Arielle Goldman*, Rachel B. Joyce, Dawn McGee* and Andrea Negrete*.